How you can help Shwe Sa Bwe?


1. Eat delicious food

Every penny spent at Shwe Sa Bwe serves to finance the school and training project. 
The tips are directly given to the students (chefs and waiters receive the same amount).
Quality at a fair price!
We encourage our guests to pay cash down instead of using credit cards.
In Myanmar, bank processing fee is high and delays are long.
Paying in cash helps us.

See our Restaurant & Bakery section for Private Event information, Catering options, and our Bakery menu!


2. Spread the word

Share our Facebook posts.

Write a review for us on TripAdvisor.

Talk to your friends, family and colleagues about our unique concept. 

Source student candidates motivated to learn, and connect them to us.

3. Share your passion 

If you are a Chef, Baker, Bartender, English teacher, French teacher, or another profession related to Food & Beverage; we are always looking for great energy to train our students. 

'Shwe Sa Bwe has only been possible thanks to the dedication of professionals who have shared their time and knowledge with us'.
— Margot Mongibeaux, General Manager

To apply, contact our General Manager